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You might think VC is all about money. For us, it’s about people.

You might think VC is all about money. For us, it’s about people.

A deal is transactional, whereas relationships endure and ours are based on inquisition, innovation, critical thinking and confidence.

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Industries of focus

We focus on two areas of industry where we have specialist expertise and a track record of success.

Health and Social Care

With over 15 years experience within the healthcare industry we are able to identify and partner with providers who share our values and deliver high quality care services to individuals and communities.

Hospitality - Food & Beverage

With over 15 years experience within the industry, our investments and portfolio in this sector focus on brands which offer a high quality affordable offering.

Our strategy in this sector is two-fold;

1) Emerging and fast growing brands who are forward thinking and dynamic, providing new concepts and solutions for this ever evolving sector.

2) Strong brands who have stood the test of time, who operate nationally and internationally and have a strong following and brand culture whilst delivering value and consistency.

Values & Promises

Values & Promises

Commitment to comprehensive investment

Commitment to investing in people, infrastructure and businesses across diverse industries to build a sustainable business model.

Financial Analysis & Efficiency

Delivering value and results for stakeholders by taking a deep dive into the finances and operations of a business. Improving financial performance and efficiency.

Quality and Community Impact

Support and develop our businesses and partnerships to ensure they are providing quality and positively impacting the local community.

Support & Advice

Helping SME’s navigate the challenging business climate.

committed to excellence

We here at Alast Finance are committed to working with companies big or small to holistically evaluate the needs of the business and provide hassle free solutions that bring down costs for your business. Our experts provide bespoke solutions based on your needs.

We take care of your requirements with flexible solutions so you can focus on driving your business forward.

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